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Sunday, 02.18.2018
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Forum » Our ferrets Everything! » Health and disease » Waardenburgs syndrome in ferrets:
Waardenburgs syndrome in ferrets:
StivsFerretBuizznessDate: Wednesday, 11.23.2011, 9:05 PM | Message # 1
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Symptoms of Waardenburgs syndrome
How they act:
A ferret with waardenburgs syndrome will often be a bit "slow" and tend to be "loners" or mind to themselves. Some ferrets do not do this, some even become more bonded with a single or more ferrets then the average ferret.
Some signs:
A ferret with Waardenurgs syndrome show some odd signs and will have some odd looks to them. Some signs are....
Certain colorings such as Blaze, DEW, and Panda.
a blaze is a ferret with a white stripe down the head and neck.
a DEW is an all white ferret with dark eyes.
A panda ferret is a sable ferret without a mask and has an all white head and neck.

A Waardenburgs ferret will often have a short tail, and shorter legs then usual.
a short flat head with a bridge at the nose.
"almond" shaped eyes high set at the top of the head rather then the sides.
a spot of white at the end of the tail if colored( not always)
Also, will sometimes be born deaf or "hard of hearing" due to the lack of growing in the ear tubes.

Here are some photos of a ferret with Waardenburgs syndrome.
This shows the panda coloring. dark sable legs and tail, and an all white head.
This picture shows the shape of his head and the white dot at the end of the tail.
This shows his whole body and the short tail.
This picture shows the shape and high set eyes. it also shows the shape of the face from a frontal veiw.

I hope i helped in aiding any questions about Waardenburgs syndrome in ferrets smile
Forum » Our ferrets Everything! » Health and disease » Waardenburgs syndrome in ferrets:
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