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Monday, 05.20.2019
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Hi! and welcome to my site!!! This site is mostly informational, and does provide a forum! the reason i made this site is because of the constant want to know what pattern/coloring your ferret is. I also made this in dedication to a sweet little shelter boy William AKA Polar Bear 10/1/2011, my Handsome Rob 10/11/2011 and my Hagrid 12/19/12
Feel free to check out all of the things! post on the forum, whatever you want! read the rules though...
Any of the pictures of the ferrets that are my own, or labeled, are not to be used without permission.
My pictures are Copyright of Kaite M. and belong to me and the helpful people who provided some pictures.
If anyone has any photos of a missing pattern or color feel free to contact me and i will enter it onto the homepage with the credits of the owner of the image. Still in need of the T line nose and full mitts. If you have any odd colored ferrets i will add them for sure!
Here are some types of ferret coloring!
The sable ferret has a mask of any color over the eyes, black legs and 
body with a light undercoat and dark guard hairs. a sable is a general
coloring describing the black legs and evenly distributed dark guard
hairs on the back and belly.

This is stiv, he is my baby!!!  Tubesock is the white blob:)

This is a champagne or Sandy ferret Champagne ferrets  have a white to creme undercoat and Tan guard hairs. A Champagne should have brown to Burgundy eyes and a pink nose.Below is a picture of a Cinnamon ferret, often mistaken for Champagne and vise versa. Cinnamon ferrets are  rarely seen  nowadays and a ferret that changes from Champagne to Cinnamon is not a true Cinnamon. As  with Champagne, a cinnamon ferret should have a pink to brick colored nose and burgundy eyes.

This is Coda, She changes from Champagne to Cinnamon every so often
This is Coda in her Cinnamon coat, she's not a true cinnamon

A Chocolate colored ferret should have a mask and guard hairs of brown coloring. It can range from a light brown to a dark, nearly black brown.As chocolates can be a range of colors Below pictured is a dark chocolate sable.

helpers007.jpg image by Stivsferretbuizzness                                             Hagrid
(Annie D.) Chocolate in the front, Champagne in the backThis is Hagrid, he was my Dark Chocolate coloured boy.
He is one of the honored three ferrets in the beginning.
Next up is the Albino Ferret, Albinos are ferrets with no pigment 
 . Causing red eyes and pure white fur. you can often see the dark muscles in the arms because of this. Albinos can have a yellow-creme undercoat due to the oils from the skin. 
Unaltered ferrets tend to be much more yellow  then altered ferrets because they produce more oils. so often you will see bright yellow to orange ferrets if they are unaltered!

This is tubesock, she is my little albino girl!This is NOT my photo!! Jasja Dekker-found online
Next up are Silver ferrets!
Silver ferrets are.. silver!
a silver ferret is a white ferret with a white to creme coat and silver guard hairs. Silvers range from light silver to dark silvers, often dark silvers being almost black.
 FUN FACT:Silver ferrets are Roan ferrets! Roan means 50% white 50% other color. Therefore Silver ferrets ARE Roan ferrets, but not all Roans are silver!

Credits Annie D. 
Robpanda.jpg image by Stivsferretbuizzness
This is my little silver panda Rob DIP!

This is a black sable!
Most black sableferrets are very often dark brown 
( in this such case) a black sable should be about
85% black including verysmall amounts of white on
the face exceptfor the mouth, and sides of the head.

Ferrets009-3-1.jpg image by Stivsferretbuizzness

Leia, my black sable girl. She doesn't quite fit the standards
but she's considered a black sable.
And now for ferret patterns!
First up is a sable point. reffering to the
thin pointed mask in the shape of a V
that goes from the eyes to the nose and
sometimes a bit of color under the eyes.
the photo below is not my photo, i found it on google.
This is a thin sable point mask!
This is a sable V mask. often mistaken for the sable point,
it is not the same pattern. though points often become
V masks during the summer or darker seasons!
this is stiv, he is in the first picture which shows he is a sable. he has changed from 
a point into a sable! this is him a while ago!

This is not my photo, found online
CopyofFACEBOOKERS166-1.jpg image by Stivsferretbuizzness
This is Stiv, my little baby!
The Blaze Ferret:
This is not my photo, found online
A blaze ferret is any colored ferret with a 
white stripe begining at the top of the head
and following down the back of the neck.
a blaze must be at least 1/4th of an inch
wide for it to be considered eligible  at a ferret show.

The panda ferret
a panda ferret is almost any color of
ferret except for white. reason? a panda ferret 
has a COMPLETELY white head or almost completely white head with very few markings.
the white should go down the neck 
on the back of the head also. like a 
hood worn completely around the head!
Fun Fact: Panda ferrets are often Roaned from blaze ferrets!
ferrets that are blaze ferrets as Kits often
become pandas and even completely white
as they change every winter. especially
Silver pandas like Rob!
robpanda-1.jpg image by Stivsferretbuizzness               
This is my little Rob
he passed of juvenile
lymphoma on 10/11/11
This site is dedicated to
him and William
ssd-1.jpg image by Stivsferretbuizzness
Wepamperpets, Dancer
A broken mask : A ferret with
a broken mask would normally
have a sable mask but is not a
 fully formed mask
Brokenmask-1.jpg image by Stivsferretbuizzness 
Joey, Angel's Ferret 
A broken mask can also be
a sideways mask on one
side of the face. and the
other side be completely 
white! it could even just be
a square on the bridge of 
the nose.
Silver mitt ferret Not my photo!
A silver mitt is a silver ferret usually complied with mitts and a bib.
Nose colorings!!!
This is a speckled nose
meaning it has small
dots of color
This is a pink nose
meaning it has no
color whatsoever 
except for pink!
This is a dot nose
meaning one dot 
on the nose. most 
common in silver
This is a black nose
it is all or almost 
completely colored
black or brown.
Credits: Pascal
This is a heavy speckled
nose. it has large
splotches of dark
and light colors.
Credits: Huck
These are Toe Tips. Toe tips are when only
 the toes are white, often Misjudged to be Mitts.
Knee Patches, Small white patches on one or both knees of a ferret:

Other things!!!
Ferret body types: THIS IS NOT A BREED it just explains the shapes of ferrets :)
Bulldog:This body type is a shorter ferret in length, they are more stocky in shape and have a pretty low arch for a ferret. Stiv, my ferret is a bulldog he has a low arch: Also known as "block shaped"
stuffystuff007-1-1.jpg image by StivsferretbuizznessLow arch
Whippet:A whippet has a higher arch and a tight tucked in tummy. they are fairly skinny and will slip through a dryer tube almost without touching the sides. in between the bulldog and Greyhound.
Coda is a whippet: note the arch is medium height and her belly is tucked in.
DSCF1505-1.jpg image by Stivsferretbuizznessfallcoda-1.jpg image by StivsferretbuizznessAlso note her stance.
Greyhound: A greyhound is a ferret that is lean, quick and more proportionate with legs in comparison to the body. they have long tails and long bodies and legs to match.
They have a fairly high arch and slender body. This ferret is a greyhound:
This is not my photo, found online.
Some Fun Ferret Facts!
1.)Panda and blaze ferrets have a tendency to be born with waardenburgs syndrome. it causes deafness  , shorter legs, tail, and body. Also often include a white dot at the end of the tail the panda and blaze coloring(or otherwise white markings on the head), and often waardenburg ferrets will be deaf. The cause of this is the misshapen head and the lack of a fully developed inner ear. Not all Waardenburg Syndrome ferrets are deaf but it is common with the condition.
Ferrets with Waardenburgs Syndrome are nothing to worry about, they are just like any other ferret. However some could think of them as "special" 
SIGNS OF WAARDENBURGS SYNDROME:These pictures are of Rob,my little WB deafie boy, and Dany a ferret who also has waardenburgs.
A bridged nose:

Robpanda-2.jpg image by Stivsferretbuizzness
A white dot on the tail:
DSCF0660-1.jpg image by Stivsferretbuizzness 

A short tail in comparison
to the legs and body about
the same length as the legs
sleepyrob-2.jpg image by Stivsferretbuizzness
(does not apply to all WS ferrets)
white head markings

robroan.jpg image by Stivsferretbuizzness 
Handsome Rob is a
Almond shaped, wide
set eyes
Bridged nose from the
front view
Dany ferret, very cute!-Silvermarble
The top of the head is flat
DSCF0647-1.jpg image by Stivsferretbuizzness
Little Dany ferret here
Is a Blaze.
Dany, isn't she adorable?-Silvermarble

2. Ferrets, especially farm ferrets, As they age will get some common health problems.
the most known ones are called Adrenal disease( cancer of the adrenal glands) And Insulinoma, Small tumors on the pancreas that causes a Drop in glucose.

Adrenal Disease is mainly caused by early alteration before a ferret can physically mature. It is thought to start out as an infection of the Adrenal glands and progresses into  cancer. It causes hair loss in most ferrets that contract the cancer. In females, the vulva can swell as though she's in season, and in males, The prostate can swell and cause a vet trip and sometimes death. It's treated mainly with Melatonin implants, Deslorin, and Lupron.

Insulinoma is the exact opposite of Diabetes. It causes their pancreas' to create too much insulin and their glucose levels can drop drastically within a short amount of time. It is treated with a lifetime steroid called Prednisone which is upped as needed by a vet.

Ferrets can easily live 2 years or longer with adrenal disease and or Insulinoma. Depending on the control you have over the sickness, the quickness in which you've caught it, and how long they've had it.

Lymphoma is another semi-common disease that ferrets get. Lymphoma is common in most species of animals. Lymphoma is a cancer in which the lymphnodes of an animal produce mutated cells that build together to form tumors. It can be fatal sometimes depending on the location of certain tumors.
Juvenile lymphoma 
is usually very aggressive and starts younger. In my case with Juvenile Lymphoma, my little Rob was only a year and two months. It took just four days for his body to create a tumor the size of a golf ball in his intestine. 

If your ferret shows any signs of a blockage, he/she needs to be seen by a vet immediately. Blockages are not to be played with and rarely can be treated at home. A blockage is an abnormal object blocking a certain part of the digestive system causing the ferret to not eat, pass stools(or in very small amounts), and can rupture the place where it is located. 
If you suspect your ferret may have eating a foreign object, give your ferret a lax of some sort and if he/she shows no signs of passing stools after an hour or two, please call the vet. If this goes on for more then a day or so, immediately bring them in. Blockages are very serious and can lead to death!
3. Ferrets do the cutest things! especailly when they are weasel war dancing! a weasel war dance is when a ferret gets really really happy and will wildly hop around and often smack into things! it looks quite a bit like this...
Ferrets025.jpg image by Stivsferretbuizznesstubesock and stiv had fun!
3. Ferrets steal. there is no getting out of that! whether shoes, or stuffed animals or anything between!
DIP Rob my little flip flop eatin boy! And in this case, Tubesock likes Ramen and candy canes!!!!
DSCF1509.jpg image by StivsferretbuizznessDSCF1487.jpg image by StivsferretbuizznessDSCF1486.jpg image by StivsferretbuizznessSocks are fun to!DSCF1474.jpg image by StivsferretbuizznessDo i need to explain further?DSCF1468.jpg image by Stivsferretbuizzness
Handsome Rob, Waardenburgs deafie  panda boy. Sweet and cuddly
sillyrob.jpg image by Stivsferretbuizznessrobpanda-1.jpg image by StivsferretbuizznessDSCF0663.jpg image by StivsferretbuizznessDSCF0664.jpg image by StivsferretbuizznessDSCF0662.jpg image by StivsferretbuizznessDSCF0653.jpg image by Stivsferretbuizzness
I hope i helped in aiding some of your questions. feel free, if you have anything else to share to post in the forum or email me!